Brains, Brains, Brains! (and epic Atari stash)

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Brains!!! Oh, yes, brains. Are you an idiot? Well, fret no more, now there's a brain exercise that really works. The key is Dual N-Back Tasks, which looks about as fun as it sounds. Still, with just a few hours ago, you won't be doing stupid stuff like virginity checks! Hurry; new people are signing up every minute!

Speaking of twits, how many people do you think you can realistically get to know and stay in meaningful contact with? About 150 according to Science, and that holds true for Twitter. The idea here is that even modern technology can't really expand your social network beyond your innate capacity to not give a damn.

In any case, 150 seems to be the new limit for PSN. That's right, it's the beginning of the end for our favorite compromised network. Fortunately, the hackers have decided to spread the love by going after an even more loathsome target. PBS was hacked over a WikiLeaks documentary that painted the project in a bad light. Oh, great way to show the world PBS is wrong, folks. The fact that the group uses words like "lulz boat" is enough to convince me they're pure evil. Maybe PBS and PSN should join forces. As you sit in PSN waiting for somebody, anybody to connect, you can listen to enlightening NPR shows such as Fresh Air and play Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Haha, that's so funny, all aboard the lulz boat!

Concerned about your privacy in the wake of all these attacks? You'll get over it. According to no other than privacy specialist Mark Zuckerberg, it's just an anxiety that will pass with time. I have to agree with The Big Z on this one. Mark and I were discussing Foursquare a bit on Twitter the other day, and while it bothers him, it thrills me. I just looooove "checking in" and racking up high scores and achievements for checking in at Arby's and Big Lots. Woot, look at me, I got out of the apartment today and ate a sandwich. Seriously.

Okay, now for some fun stuff: Go Atari is liquidating its Jaguar, Lynx, and stock. Take a gander at this inventory. Bill has already taken out a second mortgage. :)

Dreamcast fan? Of course you are, duh. Haha; are YOU a Dreamcast fan, how silly of me to ask. Well, for a mere 38,000 YEN, you can buy a dreamcast handheld. I'm thinking, though, isn't this kinda redundant with all the open source handhelds out there? It's not like there is a shortage of emulators, wizbangs and whatzits.

Or is there? Google yanked a bunch from its Android Market. It's not clear why; it could just be some kind of squabble over open source licensing. The real worry here is that this could blow up into a full-out war on emulators, which, let's face it, have always been something of a gray area at best. Law...lawyers...yawn......We just want to finish Shenmue.

Are you bored yet? Then head over to Gnome's Lair and get you some scummVM classic adventure appreciation! Ah, Day of the Tentacle is looking even better than Shenmue right about now. The G has all the info you need to get those LucasArts games up and running so you can finally figure out what to do with that rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.


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The very first thing pulled

The very first thing pulled from android market way back was a Emu (snes i believe)... In fact the one geneis one i use gets pulled and put back on pretty regualar. I read somewahre the problem is they also include ways to download roms... (all mine do) that seems to be a big nono..

ATARI- its just sad readng anything Atari releated nowdays... from richs to rags ots sad for somebody who thouhgt an atari 2600 was the best thing ever when he was about 12! I kept all my Activision patch, I have all my old ATARI AGE mags, I bought the atari Club games I was freak for atari back then.

Talking about security.. funny, MS was hacked 3 times (succesfully) duing the SONY stuff, wonder why nobody seems to care, 1 hack got user ID's and CC numbers also (while no where near as large as the SONY one, it happened just the same). I guess keeping your hacks on the down low so the hackers get no plublicity is amybe a good thing... of course then you are accused of hiding something.. Still not sure how MS is getting away with it.

No comment on twitter and facebooke, etc..

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