Brain in Vat Happy to Test All Day

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Introducing the PS4.Introducing the PS4.It's Friday! Let's see what's in the queue.

Not so good news for Sony fans. Apparently, Sony will be slashing budgets for its next-gen PlayStation. Did they really invest that much in the PS3? Hm. So what do you call a half-step between generations? An upgrade? Maybe they're releasing some type of add-on expansion type thing instead of a standalone console? Perhaps this isn't really a headline at all, and it's a very slow news day? Speculation!

Now this is cool: Test chamber music: Valve offers free Portal 2 soundtrack downloads. Go ahead and grab it. I played Portal 2 a few weeks ago, and man, was it awesome! The music is great, too. Hm. What the hell is that orange goo gushing from my speakers???

Well, looks like the brain in the vat is no longer just a philosophical hypothetical. Scientists have actually grown a brain a dish, and it even has memories. Apparently the memory is "I have no mouth. And I must scream." Somebody connect this guy to the internet STAT!

For this next item, you'd better sit down. Actually, you'd better stand up. Uh-oh.

Will Wright fan? If so, you can probably skip this interview, which asks the same old familiar questions he's been asked a million times (I think he copied and pasted his answers). Slightly more interesting: Sim City is coming back as a Facebook game. But wait, isn't that called Cityville? Somebody call Godzilla.

Ever wonder what Facebook would be like in real life? Apparently fifty times more annoying:

All right, enough yacking. Back to Matt Chat 103.