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I been reading this story on a few websites, Im kinda shocked at the LOVE for this. SO many people seem to think MS did a great thing here. The kid was doing the equivelent of phishing for logins so he could steal MSpoints and or get players banned for hacking by using their accounts. This was no "prove how bad your security is" thing.. it was for pure gain by him, and hurt ot others.. SO MS hired him.....

I gotta think this is a great PR move by MS when Sony is in such deep crap with the hacking. Im just shocked at how people think its a good idea. Glorifing and PAYING sombody for a crime, even if its to help them stop more. I just cant see this is being good. Maybe lesser punishment for helping MS, but HIRE! I do agree tyring to help him change his ways (so to speak) is quite noble.. and he is 14, so its not like MS can sue the crap out of him like they normally would. maybe its MS way of doing something when nothing could really be done to the kid?

What do you guys think?

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A thought.

As long as he's not privy to any security secrets, I guess that in one way it's not a bad idea....he's young. Hopefully he'll turn around. Otherwise, you're going to make him much harder to catch. (the down side). But rewarding him for his behavior......not in agreement with that. There should be some consequences. But it is a bit of a catch 22.

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I agree, Clok, but

I agree, Clok, but unfortunately there is a long history of paying hackers - even those that do illegal things - to come onboard at companies (one of the more famous examples is GCC, whose hack of Pac-Man eventually became Ms. Pac-Man, and eventually GCC was hired by Atari to create many games and systems). On some level it does make sense because if you can harness the talents of these people for something positive rather than something negative, everyone benefits, since its one less person or persons doing evil (even though they themselves may not see it as such).

I also agree that its a shrewd PR move by Microsoft. Sony inexplicably continues to get hammered by hackers (frankly, it's now into sociopath territory), while Microsoft has seemingly gone out of their way to make nice, and it seems to have benefited them.


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