Matt's Queue: Everybody Loves DRM

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It's Matt's queue. Hey, all. Everybody settle down now. Geez, quit clapping already...La la la. Okay, thank you, thank you. Now let's get started.

All Age Verification Tests Should Be Like This. This is even less effective than the age verification employed in the Leisure Suit Larry games. Still, at least you gotta give them kudos for at least trying to weed out junior. I'm trying to think of other images of things kids wouldn't recognize--perhaps their parents?

PSN breach and restoration to cost $171M, Sony estimates. New "Welcome Back" program features free subscription to XLA.

Cinema chains dimming movies "up to 85%" on digital projectors. While I'm bashing Sony, here's another one: Sony's DRM is so bad on their projectors that operators are afraid to change them. If the problem continues, by 2020 all movies will be about black holes and dark matter. Oh, and let's not forget that Movie theaters could screw up your 2D movies by leaving the digital projector set up for 3D. Please, someone make a 3D movie that really does punch you in the face. Maybe then it will stop...!

Single molecule performs multiple logic operations simultaneously. Married molecule still working through Honey Do list from last week.