Matt's Queue: Your iPad is a Cat Toy

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Here we are again with another round of web links. I know you'd prefer high-protein sausage links, but these have slightly fewer preservatives.

Yes, a Cat-Food Brand Really Has Created Three iPad Games For Cats. "The game-play has been researched and tested for maximum feline fun," and unlike game testing for humans, actually seems to work. Unfortunately for Friskies, the cats aren't purchasing the DLC.

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. Brought to you by the CDC, I kid you not. I thought this was a weird joke or hack, but it's in the spirit of "preparing for a fictional disaster will make you more prepared for a real one," so they're not advising you to stock up on shotgun shells and pole-arms. Fortunately for us, the CDC seems to be much better prepared to deal with zombies than, I don't know, a pandemic.

Students: Free Xbox 360 with purchase of Windows 7 PC. See there? And you thought Microsoft didn't care about education.

Magnet Boy of Croatia: gadgets stick to his chest (big photo gallery). He also has healing powers! Just like those magnetic bracelets. It's not just metal, either. Get any Colonel around this kid and it flies right out of the bucket.

Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast to Reduce Food Cravings, Prevent Overeating Later, Researcher Finds. Researcher's significant other "still not doing that."


Catherine A. McClarey (not verified)
Games for Cats

My spouse & I watched the video you linked to at Gizmodo, and my husband now plans to download the Cat Fishing game to our iPad -- for our dog! We're curious to see how she'll react. The 3 game apps are apparently freebies, too, so I expect a lot of pet owners will give them a try.

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I'd like to see that! Maybe

I'd like to see that! Maybe you can film it and stick it up on YouTube?


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