Episode 10: Xybots, BBC Micro, Reality is Broken, 3DS, iPad 2

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XybotsXybotsFight for your future! We're back with Episode 10! If you have feedback about the episode, please leave it HERE. Also - Don't forget to review the show on iTunes. We really appreciate it.

Click here to download the show.

Segments and approximate times below:

  • Mark Vasier on the BBC Micro (3:37)
  • Chris Kennedy and Aaron Wegner discuss Xybots (20:18)
  • Matt Barton dissects Reality is Broken (55:11)
  • Bill Loguidice discusses new projects, the Atrix 4G, Nintendo 3DS, and the Apple iPad 2 (1:27:13)

As always, we'd really appreciate any feedback you have to offer on the episode. You can leave comments here, email us, or review the show on iTunes. You can also subscribe to our RSS Feed.

The books mentioned in Matt's segment:

The books from the Armchair Arcade staff mentioned in Bill's segment:


Matt Barton
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A Player!
Rowdy Rob wrote:

It would be nice if AA had some sort of streaming player widget or java app on the main page, or even on every page(?). That way, it would save the site visitors the trouble of downloading the podcast, then booting up an audio app to play it. Instead, visitors can just click the "play" button and hear the podcast.
I've seen it on other sites, so I know it's possible, but I have no idea how hard it would be to add. At least a couple of sites I've been to would open up a "player" in a separate window and play chip tunes; that way, you could continue browsing while listening to some cool SIDs or MODs or such.

Hi, Rob, that sounds like a great idea to me. I'll check the Drupal modules to see if anyone has invented that already, which they surely must have. I can't imagine it would let us do SIDs or MODs, but MP3s and such shouldn't be an issue.

Tim (not verified)
Ideas for more

Sad to see it go. I am a big fan of the retro gaming topic and a huge consumer of podcasts. I'll admit I jumped in early with your podcast, but over time my interest began to wain (Notice that I am only noticing now that it was canceled). I'll offer some constructive criticism so hopefully it bounces back in some new form. I see Matt has a couple new ones up, but I haven't gotten to listen to them yet, so maybe some of the issues I'll bring up were already addressed.

The number one issue I had was the format. It was too long and disjointed. What you had was 4-5 podcasts slapped together into one monster of a podcast. People into podcasts typically like the 20-40 min range because we listen to them going to/from work, working out, and that type of thing. We don't have 1-2 hours. That's not to say a long podcast can't be done from time to time, but the energy level and topic has to have the kind of weight behind it to really make taking it in parts compelling. Secondly, I didn't care for the monologues that much. A few people were even obviously reading from a script. Monologues are ok if you have the ability to deliver it in a natural and high energy way (see Dan Carlin's hardcore History), but for the most part podcasts do best when a small group gets together and discusses a specific topic that they love. The natural give and take makes for a much more entertaining experience for the listener.

My advice would be to get a few of the guys/gals together and focus on one single game or topic and try to keep it in the 20-40 min range with high energy and release a new episode at least once every 2 weeks. Finally, market it. I remember when I searched around for retro gaming podcasts on the common places such as podcast alley, itunes etc I don't remember seeing your podcast pop up. If you want viewership, you have to let people know you are out there and are currently producing regular podcasts at least semi-monthly.

Anyway, thanks for the effort and I enjoyed the books. I have both Dungeons and Desktops as well as Vintage Games and I am looking forward to more Matt Chats on YouTube!

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