PSN Outage Drama Continues

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I was just reading joystiq that the nearly week-long outage of the PlayStation Network might have been caused by "Rebug," a custom firmware mod that lets users add money to their PSN wallets. If I understand this correctly, Rebug tricks the servers into thinking that the user is a developer or debugger. Apparently there's no danger of lost personal information, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.

I hope that this fiasco doesn't lead to a general clampdown from the big three on the homebrew community, but I suspect it will. What do you think?


gilgamesh (not verified)
causal chain

Anonymous attacks PSN, stops, and within weeks some unrelated exploit brings PSN to its knees? What a weird coincidence. The harm to the homebrew community has already been done by Sony when they sacked Linux support and sued the hacker geohot. Maybe you have mixed up cause and effect.

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