MC 99: Scott Miller on id and Duke Nukem

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This week's Matt Chat is really something special--Scott Miller tells the exciting, spy-novel like strategy he had to use to recruit star talent John Romero, who was laboring under a contract with the militant Softdisk group. He then goes on to recount his falling out with Carmack over Rise of the Triad. But I know what you've really been waiting for--the story of The Duke! With no small emotion, Scott talks about how the character came about, why people loved Duke Nukem 3D so much (including the strippers), and how he feels about the publisher's decision to rip the game out of his hands and give it to Gearbox. Even though the game was finished (just lacking console ports), Gearbox will probably end up with the credit despite all the years of TLC put into it by Scott Miller and 3D Realms. You really don't want to miss this one.

You can download the mp4 here.


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Brilliant, really enjoy these

Brilliant, really enjoy these interviews. I remember Rise of the Triad being the first ever FPS I ever played, came preinstalled on my first ever PC (an 88Mhz 486 PC, those were the days!). Lost hours on it, thought it was fantastic but never had any idea it was so closely linked to Wolfenstein in fact I recall thinking it was a rip off of Doom, no idea it was so closely linked.

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