Commodore Gaming: Good News or Bad News?

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RIP!RIP!Well, it looks like the moldy old corpse of Commodore is being dug up again, but whether to serve good or vile purposes remains to be seen. You can read the details of Commodore's new partnership at Gamasutra and Next-Generation. In a nutshell, we're talking about a five year partnership between Commodore International Corporation and an Amsterdam company called The Content Factory, who plans to use Commodore's branding to help sell a line of new games, mostly intended for mobile devices. In short, I'm not expecting anything really interesting to come from this, other than some cheezy mobile games with Commodore's tarnished logos plastered on them. As someone who grew up with Commodore computers, I really hate to see its image dragged through the dirt, but maybe I'm just being cynical...


Bill Loguidice
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The "New" Commodore - No Reason to Bother

As far as I'm concerned, this is the same non-news we've been hearing since the entity was formed around the Commodore name. It's "Commodore" even less than "Atari" is Atari. All this new Commodore-named entity appears to be are makers of poorly conceived hardware devices that no sane consumer is asking for, including MP3 players and PDA's. There HAVE to be better uses for the Commodore-name than cell phone games and also-ran hardware or as an aquisition entity.

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