Matt Chat 96: Paul Reiche and Fred Ford on Star Control

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Hi, folks, I'm back this week with part two of my interview with Fred Ford and Paul Reiche. In this installment, we talk about Free Fall Associates, Toys for Bob, and, of course, Star Control.

Download the mp4 here.


Mark Vergeer
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Again excellent!

Matt, you're doing such a fine job talking to these two giants. They seem like very likable characters which makes playing their old and new games even more fun.

Well done yet again!

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Kind of strange occurence.

Kind of strange occurence. One of my friends just art directed a commercial for that upcoming Spyro game. I asked her if the game designers were there and she said yes. Unfortunately I couldn't recall their names beyond "the star control guys!?" at the time, but she said they were very nice and great to work with!

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