The State of the Homebrew Nation

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Nintendo DS: The next king of homebrew?Nintendo DS: The next king of homebrew?There's a good article on a site called DCEMU UK today about The State of Homebrew on All Consoles. The author starts off with the PSP and moves on to discuss homebrew on many systems, including the GB2x and GB32. He claims that the PSP homebrew scene is the biggest at the moment, which would seem to be evidenced by the many posts we've had here recently about it. However, he thinks that the Nintendo DS has a better future (mostly because Nintendo doesn't clamp down as hard on homebrewers as Sony). Unsurprisingly, he's very enthused about the GP2x and thinks it will be King. It's not a well written piece (grammatical errors are in abundance), but it does make some interesting claims and provides many links of interest to homebrew enthusiasts. Link via /..