What are you playing right now?

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L4D2 (a match or two every

L4D2 (a match or two every day almost) Warhammer Dawn Of War II (and all expansions on hardest setting). Im a bit burned out after winter and too many gameing hours.. but I been trying ot live by my new gaming motto.. win a game to buy a game.. SO i have been cranking throuhg a few games on my "plate" King Arthur the Rp Wargame (very well done game IMHO for a almost unknown). Just Cause II (excellent blow the heck out of everything game. I replayed F.E.A.R and all exp packs so I could play F.E.A.R II (almost done). Started (or tried) Painkiller Redemption.. played the first one and enjoyed it.. this new one... HOLY HECK!!!! i cant get anywhere in it.

And i have a stack of 30 + 360- PS3 games i have bought in last few months.. but as my sig shows... i havent played any (consoles) on a long while.

its a bit wierd but I think i have to much... I never thought i would have to many games... :)

Bill Loguidice
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I've been playing "Fight

I've been playing "Fight Night Champion" on the Xbox 360, and various racing games on my PS3 now that I have my Logitech GT Force wheel installed in a wheelstand pro (about as close to cockpit arcade racing as I'll likely get a home). The last of those racing games that I played was "Need for Speed Hot Pursuit". So those two games are the ones I'm playing right now. I'm at the "suck" point in "Fight Night Champion" right now because I'm playing the "Champion Mode", which is essentially a mini-RPG where you take on the role of boxer Andre Bishop. Anyway, I'm at the mode's culmination, the heavyweight championship fight with the guy who put my in-game brother in the hospital, and it's amazingly frustrating. Essentially for the first two rounds you have to run away and avoid getting hit, then in the third round you have to start hitting the body to further tire the champ. I only made it to the third round once so far, before getting knocked out yet again. Not cool.

I've also been trying to get my MCC-216 configured on and off for the past week or so. It's not really cooperating, but I think I'm close (at least with C-64 simulation).


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