Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 Sets Guinness World Record for Sales

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Microsoft KinectMicrosoft KinectMaking the rounds today is word that Microsoft's Kinect has sold over 10 million units since it had its worldwide roll-out throughout the month of November, 2010. Certainly an impressive feat in such a short amount of time and apparently worthy of the people at Guinness World Records, who have officially named it the "fastest-selling consumer electronics device" (faster than even the iPhone and iPad) by selling an average of 133,333 units per day for a total of eight million units in its first 60 days between November 4, 2010, and January 3, 2011. Congrats to Microsoft and I'm certainly a fan, but I have to say, now that there's no denying the device has consumer traction, where are the games? Dance Central and Kinect Sports are lots of fun, but we could really use some more quality titles to take advantage of the device, and sooner rather than later at that...


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Great news!

Well done Microsoft, I'm *not* a big fan of Kinect for games, but this is precisely the kind of technology that will be taken for granted soon enough (not just on XBox consoles).

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I haven't had much of a

I haven't had much of a chance to play around with the Kinect, but what I have demoed seems interesting. The exercise program looks especially interesting to me with my expanding waistline. And of course I like the Dance games because I cannot dance so anything that mimics that is of interest to me.


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