Matt Interviews Agustín Cordes

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Hi, guys, I'm back, this time with the first part of an excellent interview with Agustín Cordes, the Argentina-based designer and developer of Scratches and the forthcoming Asylum. Both games are fine examples of horror adventures, with first-person gameplay and painstaking, artistic production. Here, Agustín talks about Asylum's engine (formerly called Kinesis), as well as the design of Scratches, the state of indie gaming, and much, much more.

Oh, and check out that new Armchair Arcade splash screen!

Download the audio here.

If you want to play Scratches, you can get it right now for only $6.99 at Big Fish. What a deal!


Eric (not verified)
This interview seems

This interview seems extremely interesting. I still have to find some time to actually play Scratches. Still, thanks for sharing this!

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