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Somebody started therad on what your game choices say about you. So what non game related hobbies do you guys have?

Me Im kinda the do many, excel at none person. Far and away the biggest is old car nut, I have a BUNCH (maybe post some pictures someday).. I prefer older Chevy cars. I have a 55 Chevy shortbox pickup (unrestored but drive it) and several unrestored cars for "someday". 63 Chevy SS, 72 Nova RS (this one is all done except the engine), a 64 2door Impala that I drove about 12 years ago as my only car. and a Ton of others (to many to list). My CURRENT prize, I own a Corvette that I DRIVE non stop in the summer when the weather is nice.. Alos a tiny bit of a motorcycle guy.. not the rice rockets, or the big heavy Hogs.. I have a 95 Kawaski 750 Vulcan that gets about 2-3000 miles a summer.
I like to buy cheap cars On craigslist and work on them.. and think im going to turn a profit.. and almost always end up breaking even (not counting all the work I put in).. but I enjoy it.

I also Dabble in RC planes, a hobbie a freind got me into and i find is quite fun.. to fun.. i have 7 planes and 3 helicopters now and all the extras, chargers, radios, etc.. not a chap hobbie, but very fun.

other thant that when its not computer releated its really only movies... I love movies, good/bad/ etc.. And since getting a Kindle I have been reading books..

Sad but most of my activities revolve around PC's, tech durning day, close to part time at night (firends and family problems with PC's) or gameing. I also am a bit of a hardware nut so read on the lastest and tend to buy it to check it out. So while people like Bill have many different PC's i have 4-8 modern up to date PC's Im always tweeking or trying stuff on.

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Great idea for a topic!!! My

Great idea for a topic!!!

My biggest hobby is game dev as well, plus all the AA and Matt Chat and such if you want to count them. I like reading and watching movies (Netflix is awesome). I still have my comic book collection. I have to cut back, but I also enjoy finding exotic beers to try out, particularly ones from Belgium.

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I'm a pretty big backpacker.

I'm a pretty big backpacker. I did some meaty chunks of the Pacific Crest Trail and I try to go camping a least several times a year. I used to snowboard many times each year until I moved to California where ticket prices are astronomical compared to where I grew up. I also do a lot of local hikes--LA has a surprising amount of great hikes in the area. I like to find new burger or pho joints to try out locally as well.

Gaming is my main hobby though. Part of that hobby is coming here and checking out older games I haven't heard of. I don't know if I consider reading a hobby, but I love that too. Right now I'm pretty sucked into the Song of Ice & Fire books. First time I've enjoyed a fantasy book (and boy have a tried to like so many of them). Once I get more income rolling I'm going to continue building my bluray collection as well. I recently scored the Hellboy movies and In Bruges from a dying Borders franchulate.

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