VICE Emulator updated to v2.3

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VICE Emulator

The VICE Commodore emulator has recently been updated to v2.3, although this is not currently reflected on their main page.

Some of the notable enhancements in this release include: Improvements to the disk-drive emulation (including weak bit emulation), a new reSID version, a new accurate C64 emulator (x64sc), CRT emulation (formerly “PAL emulation” Now available in all emulators), added "True aspect ratio" option, an improved ML monitor (io details, expansion port status, etc), improved CIA interrupt accuracy (6526/6526A selectable), sound buffer overflows reduced, VIA wrap handling rewritten to fix problems with timer 2, added autostart option to do "LOAD ,8" instead of "LOAD ,8,1", emulation improvements based on photographs of the actual chips and new v364 speech emulation for the 264 emulator.

You can download the updated binary packages from their SourceForge page.


Mark Vergeer
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Joined: 01/16/2006
Has anyone tried it out yet?

What I am most interested in is the sound buffer issues and whether they have been sufficiently fixed.
Excellent piece of software out on many platforms.

Chip Hageman
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Joined: 10/06/2010
No, not completely.. they

No, not completely.. they still occur on occasion but it is much better than it was.

The main draw for this release is definitely x64sc which is much more accurate as far as emulation goes: graphics effects, timing, support chips like SID, drive emulation, etc... it does come at a performance hit, but nothing a moderately recent PC can't handle.


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