Maximum PC's list of the 25 most important PC's in history.

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I could never list one for

I could never list one for everybody (like they did), only for me. I nver had access or even heard of some of those untill reading about them. My list would just read the computers I got... first to last... almost...

Sinclair (heathkit one, you built it...not even sure anymore if thats the right name?, still have it)
Atari 400--------- these 5 area bit muddled... i had um all but in order, im not sure..
Apple II
AMIGA- maybe put this #2 as its my 2nd most faovrite.
PC- #1 as i still use it.. and have been for 20 years..

had many off brands and wired ones (no where near what BILL has.. im still blown away by the videos.) i have about 20 oddball ones.. but some are just the old APPLE II look alikes (but PC). The TRS 80 keyboard wird one... a giant keyboard with a floppy in the end of it. But odd as in.. look most are regualar old PC's we all know just in wierd shapes/sizes/formfactors.

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TOP 10 most influential computers

1. PDP-1 (for getting the concept of videosgames off the ground)
2. Apple II (for mainstreaming the concept of 8bit home computers)
3. C64 (for making available home computing to the masses)
4. Spectrum / Amstrad / MSX (for making available home computing to the masses)
5. BBC (Beeb) / PET / TRS80 (for its use in schools, for many the first introduction to computers back in the day)
6. Amiga (16/32 bit computing power at your fingertips)
7. Atari ST (16/32 bit computing power at your fingertips - poor man's Amiga)
8. Apple Macintosh (68k and PPC) (for introducing a solid GUI and a smooth transition to PowerPC and later on X86 CPUs)
9. PC (that just can't be left out - ever)
10. iPhone/Android (the first wave of something new, a phone (portable computer) more powerful than most computers from 10 years ago)

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If you guys were to pick your

If you guys were to pick your top 10 most influential computers, what would they be?

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Just a list, but no commentary.

It's an interesting list, but no mention of the Commodore Amiga?

Strangely, the Atari 400's historical significance is "Atari's first home computer." That's it?!?! What makes it more important than Texas Instruments' first home computer?

I didn't see an article accompanying the list, so unless I missed something, this is a mere slide show. I'm especially interested in why the Atari 400 made the list (in their judgement).

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Chronological which I can understand but a tad geographically challenged. LOL

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These are just in

These are just in chronological order, so it's no big deal. The title they gave it is the flame bait, not the actual content. There's really little to argue with except for the fact that they got a few facts wrong. For instance, the Exidy Sorcerer was not the first cartridge-based computer. That distinction goes to the VideoBrain (1977), which I've talked about quite a bit on Armchair Arcade.


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