Castle Wolfenstein Original Cover Art Painting Sells for $2,024.99 plus shipping

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While we typically think of videogame and computer collecting as simply acquiring hardware, software and accessories, there are also the occasional cool one-of-a-kind items, like this original cover art painting for the legendary Castle Wolfenstein (featured in Chapter 2 of our book, Vintage Games), apparently created with alkyd oils. If I were rich, I'd definitely get into this kind of artwork collecting moreso than what is traditionally considered art collecting.

So I ask, if you had the financial resources, would this collecting of the more "cultural" aspects of videogames appeal to you as well?


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cheap actually for somthing

cheap actually for somthing that should hold (and gain) value. For arts sake, I'm not convinced. Not to go into the whole 'are video games art" thing.. but it really opens the whole can of worms.. a kid with lego's is art if we brand things so losely. That picture was in all reality a SALES tool.. it was ment to sell a game, not hang in a wall. its a pictuer, painted... so it does fit art. But it was never to show the painters skill (though i would supsect he was chose as he had skill), it was to convay the game and sell it.

But as Im no art critic, i would easliy rather have that on my wall then a piccaso, and I would hold more nostelga and value to a video game cover then picasso too..

In the strict sense.. is it a picture, is it fun to look at, yes! so I guess its art.... Art really is like music, food, movies.. we all see it differntly. so ... Ya, if i was made of money that would be of interest to me... very cool

I always wanted a Tempest art set from the arcade game, some original art from that would probebly get my pocket book open.

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If I had a home decor budget

If I had a home decor budget that allowed for 2000 dollar wall pieces I would certainly buy that. I'd love to have one for Doom 2's cover art.

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