What's your opinion of the length of Armchair Arcade Radio?

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my comments really shouldnt

my comments really shouldnt count for much as I have only listened to a few... Im very much in the shorter camp, but only as I have so little free time for them.. But in all honesty I would have to say you shouldnt cut length just to cut length. If your segments need the time, use it... More is better in most cases, not all.. but most.. :)

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I prefer the show be as long

I prefer the show be as long as needed. Give each host the time they feel they need for their segment(s) and let the chips fall where they fall. This is not something I have experienced with AAR, but in other podcasts, it is mentioned that they are going over time or running short of time. There is no time limit, other than a self imposed one as far as I am aware. Run with the show as you see fit, if a segment requires 30 minutes go with it, don't arbitrarily cut down the show as a whole or individual segments. We are listening because we want to hear the opinions on the topics in each show, not to hear condensed, or cut, or short changed information on a topic.

I love the way the show works, how it is put together and the topics discussed so far have been topics that up till AAR, have been largely ignored by podcasts in general. It is a great service that AAR provides and each month seems like an eternity waiting for the next episode.

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I think the podcast length is

I think the podcast length is great. The more, the better I say.
On my commute to work or when I take my dog for a walk and it is always an entertaining listen.
Keep up the great work and I very much appreciate the effort. Looking forward to the next episode!

Matt Barton
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If you can, please explain

If you can, please explain your rationale. For instance, would you prefer to have separate downloads available for each segment?


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