Ever fallen in love with a videogame character?

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Bill Loguidice
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Well, that is a very real

Well, that is a very real thing in Japan, with games specifically devoted to relationships between a real male and digital girl. Some even marry game characters there (or at least have mock ceremonies). It's something of a problem apparently. No doubt part of it is cultural, i.e., I would think something like that would be less prevalent in the western world because such "deviant" behavior is far less acceptable. We also don't have the English-language games that encourage such things...

Matt Barton
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I'd be interested to hear

I'd be interested to hear about this from JRPG fans, since I know a lot of those games emphasize romantic relationships. I was really intrigued by Midna in Twilight Princess--not "romantic," but there was something endearing and charming about her, even as simplistic and limited as she was in the game. It really made me think about the possibilities, though.

It doesn't seem like that big of a stretch to me to have a character in a game with a big enough repertoire to hit that believability threshold. It seems like the current state is only just barely able to give us a believable pet, but a long ways from a human in a modern context. However, if you create a fantasy limited that would explain such things--maybe she can't speak or understand you, for instance. She could still respond intelligently to things you do in the game, remembering and so on. Imagine, for instance, after a battle she seems to cry over your wounds and tries to make you feel better. I could see getting to the point where you'd really be protective of the character and have a strong reaction if she were, say, kidnapped by the enemy or betrayed you.

Mark Vergeer
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No love for digibabes. At least I've never 'fallen' for a completely digital human.

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I will admit that the

I will admit that the girlfriend I'm with is the closest person to Tifa I could find.

*EDIT* We were dating before I met Morrigan.

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Love...no....Too bad she's not real.... Perhaps :)

Rob Daviau
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I will say Claire Redfield from Resident Evil. Though I have learned not to fall to hard, always ends in heart break lol.


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