Three for the Road: January 30th 2011

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Three for the Road[ JAN . 30 . 2011 ]
 01.30.2011Greetings folks! Welcome to the January 30th, 2011 edition of Three for the Road. This week we take a look at a physics based Rock'em Sock'em Robots style game, a rogue-like game with Shoot'em Up elements, and a fun freeware Bat and Ball game with it's roots in a classic Amiga title.

First up this week, is a physics based sumo wrestling game that came out about three years back called Sumotori Dreams. The general idea is to have your opponent go down before you do.. or have them step out of the ring. The match starts when both wrestlers touch their hands to the ground (press down). Use the arrow keys to move, pressing [ENTER] will push at your opponent with one hand.. and pressing [BACKSPACE] will push at your opponent with both hands. You must have two points over your opponent to win, and a total of at least five. It's a fun game to play whenever you have a few minutes to kill.. sort of like a virtual Rock'em Sock'em Robots. You can download the game here.

Shoot FirstSorry.. no video for this one, but don't let that hold you back on giving this a try. Shoot First is an action based rogue-like game.. similar to Temple of Apshai by Epyx. The dungeons are procedurally generated, so they'll be different each time you play. As with most rogue-like's, your goal is to kill monsters, get loot and level up.. All of that holds true with this game, but now you'll also have some run and gun elements to contend with. Download the game and give it a try.. if you're a fan of action / RPG's, you won't be disappointed... although, you may be a bit annoyed by the boulders... you'll see. :)

BTW: There's also a special version available to those who donate $$ to the author, which will give you two additional weapons and an new tile set.

DX-Ball has been around for quite a while now. Similar to Crystal Hammer, which I reviewed a while back, DX-Ball is a bat and ball game with a plethora of levels and power-up's. Some of the power-up's include Lasers, Fireball, Extra Life, Speed up, Through Ball, Explosion, and Level Advance. The roots of this title stretch back to the Amiga days.. as this is actually an updated version of the Megaball games from that platform.

The author released this game as freeware when he released his update: DX-Ball 2.. so, I figured I would give it a shout-out for the benefit of those who may have missed out on this game. Breakout games are a great way to kill a bit of time, so why not add this one to your arsenal.

I hope you enjoy the games and I'll see you all next week..

BTW: Keep the suggestions for new games coming! You can reach me here.



Rowdy Rob
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Sumotori Dreams is hilarious!!!

One thing Chip failed to mention is the fact that Sumotori Dreams is a hilarious game to watch! There's not a whole lot to the game, play-wise, but it is an impressive feat of programming. Watching the two klutzy sumo robots flop and flail around is hysterical to watch if you're in the right mood. But anyway, thanks Chip for bringing this game to everyone's attention. Watch the embedded video for a funny example of the gameplay.

I hadn't seen "Shoot First" before, so I'm right on that one! Looks like a cross between "Temple of Apshai" and "Gauntlet." And it looks like fun!

DX-Ball is a faithful recreation of the Amiga original. Not a lot, audio-visually, but a very fun and playable Arkanoid variant.

Thanks, Chip!

Chip Hageman
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Thats true.. Sumotori is more

Thats true.. Sumotori is more of an interactive tech demo than a game... and it is quite hilarious to watch them trip and fall on their a$$.

Shoot First is a pretty nice game. One of the caveats of random mazes is that it does sometime set up some "cheap kills".. most of which are caused by the boulders rolling down narrow passages that there's just no way to escape from.

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ehhe I didnt think a blocky

ehhe I didnt think a blocky sumo game could make me laugh, but that is pretty funny. i think its becuase it does look like a drunk or somebody who cant walk would look or what I think it would look like.

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