Crazy Climber - The Second Bally Astrocade Homebrew in the Modern Era!

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RiffRaff, aka Mike G., sent word via the ballyalley Yahoo! Groups group that his second Bally Astrocade homebrew, Crazy Climber, is nearing completion. Mike is the author behind the limited edition, War, which turned out to be a superb Warlords clone (I still need to do a full review at some point). As you can see in Mike's video, it uses a refreshing color palette for an Astrocade game and excellent sprite detail.

Here is Mike's full announcement in the ballyalley Yahoo! Groups group:
"I'm pleased to announce my 2nd Bally Astrocade homebrew, Crazy Climber!

It's currently 99% finished (basically just working out a sound bug) and should be available for pre-order via Adam/BallyAlley in a short while.

I've been working with Adam and Ken to make sure we'll be able to produce a decent number of copies everything looks good!

Adam will be able to give more details on the pre-ordering in the near future for those who are interested.

Here's a link to a video I made of the game last night:

Mike G."