Quick Peeks: DuoTris

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Quick Peeks[ JAN . 26 . 2011 ]
This week we take a look at a creative take on the "Match Three Blocks" theme. There's certainly a glut of these games out there, but this titles changes things up in one important respect- You're playing the game in real time on two playfields at once.

Colored blocks enter from the top and bottom of the screen and head towards the center. You must arrange them into groups of three or more of the same color in order to clear them. The active blocks on either side of the game grid may be swapped by pressing control or space.. but only if they haven't touched any other blocks. Certain blocks also contain power-up's that can be either good or bad. Experimentation is key. :)

Interesting game.. perhaps too busy for my own personal taste.. but worth a try. The official website for the game is here, although it appears the game file is completely offline.

Anyway, I've decided to host the game myself, so download it and give it a try.


Here is a gameplay video, courtesy of Pixel Prospector: