Dragon Age 2 coming out soon--starting to freak out

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March 8th.

I can't help but freak out a couple times a day. It's sad. Is anyone else excited to play the second Dragon Age game?

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*spoilers* Hmmmm. I hear what


Hmmmm. I hear what you fellas are saying. The combat was pretty atrocious, even for an rpg, and the visuals were lackluster at best, but I still loved the game! Making god-demon babies with Morrigan in exchange for darkspawn immunity? Loghain's betrayal at Ostagar? 6 origin stories? Dueling Loghain and deciding who becomes King? Some great moments in this game for me!

Are there other RPG's coming out these days with skookum combat mechanics that I haven't played? I feel like the genre has lowered my standards so much...but your guys' seem so high...

To be perfectly honest I've never enjoyed combat in any rpg, ever. The closest I ever got to having fun with it would be playing a Kensai in Baldurs Gate 2, but even then the game was very frustrating. I'm very accustomed to subjecting myself to combat I find tedious and unrewarding just so I can continue the storyline, because I love video games as a story telling medium. I can see why that wouldn't be worth it to a lot of people, especially those who love a good, well designed fight or find the story unoriginal. Dragon Age, as a vid'jo game at least, felt pretty original to me. Very dark, and with some memorable characters (like Morrigan!).

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I'm not excited at all about

I'm not excited at all about it. I probably won't even order it until the price falls, and that's after getting burned by buying the collector's edition of the first one. Clok hit it on the head--great game in other respects, but the combat stank. I got so sick of my guys running headlong into an AOE, archers running up right next to the monster, the tank letting everything get away...It was like doing instances in WOW with a group of total noobs--except they're the really STUPID noobs who never, ever learn from their mistakes.

Unless they've totally overhauled the AI, I'll be waiting for this to hit the bargain bin.

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I have a love/hate with the

I have a love/hate with the first game. I liked the story, the ability to play the game different (at the start). There was just enough backstory to keep it interesting if not a bit "heard this all before". The ability to mix and match characters was very cool, but a bit wasted as certian sets where so much better then others. The DLC prices was a bit to much for my tastes, some of it was 'almost" required to play the game, Wardens keep with the chest was "almost" a must have. And the Golum was and is a AWSOME tank. The DLC wouldnthave been so bad if there would ahve been a tiny bit more to it.. NONE of it (I will admit I havent done it all yet, Linianas song, Witch Hunt and the Golums of Andvermark (or however you say um) are all waiting) was very long, Wardens keep took all of about 30 minutes, as did the Stone Prisoner.. $12 is way to much for 30 minutes.. its 1/4th the price of the game, it should be a few hours, not a single location and a few minutes of combat. The DLC should have been like Redcliff, several quests and a final showdown... or something like that.. Even redcliff doesnt take that long, couple hours max but DLC that can be done in minutes is not worth what they charge. Yet I bought um all, guess that is part of "charge what people will pay" thing.

I was no fan of the combat, the idea was fine, realtime with puase to issue commands, but most battles lasted seconds, not minutes so hammering the space bar like a fire button in a shooter was no fun. I kept makeing sure a command ahd went off and a new one was issued and with 4 playreds that was basicly a picture story, combat that was a series of still images with 1 second blur movement. Combat needs to be slowed down a bit more or something different IMHO. I'm not sure how to improve it, bu the super fast combat, while making it hectic and unforgiving of bad decission, was just not fun IMHO. I dont want it easier, i just want something different.
To be honest it was a good game, a bit short, but multi play throuhgs helped. I can live with any of it but the combat. Plenty of little things I didnt like, but all RPG's have um, worthless spell lines (Morganna shape change stuff was a neat gimic but even when I tired make her use them it was not good). The buff lines where way to weak to start, they where fine later, but I found it so hard to put points in those first abilities as they where so WORTHLESS (to me) when there where so much better trees to go into at low level that where comparabel at high level too. Damage was king in this game if you played on any setting other than hard, also a bad deal IMHO as it negated the reason to use some skill trees. Posion, again, with second long battles, why use it, and it was one of the few skills people had to chose.

I have played the game through 4 times (well 3 and almost 4) so its a good game, not many I have done that with. I am currently on Hard with a balanced traditonal party and the game is a BEAST! tank, rogue, healer and mage (me). Alistar is a crap tank, he cant take any damage, so Shale it is (if you buy DLC), she tanks well but is a bit limited in equipment. Dorf Nobel makes a BEAST of a tank if you play one, dont think I lost a battle when i did that. Im a bit frustrated with this party atm, to many battles are my tank and healer duo, and they can pretty much kill anything (dragons, Flemeth, etc, just two of them).. I played with the idea of a duo party, but those 20 to 2 battles are a bit hard :) the 2 on 1 big bad baddie is easy...

I guess I will by the new one, I hope its a bit longer, and the DLC isnt a "almost" required thing. I think its still one of the better games I played last year, I just hope they fix/change a few of the annoying things I see.

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