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Quick Peeks[ JAN . 19 . 2011 ]
This week we take a look at a smashing PC remake of the classic computer game Oil's Well. This game was known for it's intense and somewhat frustrating game-play style. It had a very prominent risk/reward system that was almost unmatched, and led to quite a few controllers meeting an untimely demise.

Tubopac is a remake of Sierra On-Line's 1983 classic Oil's Well by Thomas J. Mitchell. Oil's Well was a game released for the Commodore 64, Apple //, Atari XL/XE, ColecoVision, MSX and IBM PC platforms.

The game centers around the player controlling an oil drill in an attempt to empty the well of oil (represented by pellets). There are, of course, obstacles in the way to make the job much harder.. in this case, creatures that move horizontally at different levels (and speeds) of the well. If one of these creatures hits the drill shaft you will die and return to the top of the well. You can, however, kill the creatures if you attack them drill head first.

Tubopak by Bloody Monkey is a commendable remake of this classic game, and came in 12th place for the Retro Remakes competition back in 2006. The graphics are nice- being updated and crisp, yet still very retro in their presentation. The music for the game has that trademark 1980's FM synthesizer quality to it. Also, since the original game was largely a re-imagining of Pac-Man, I'm glad to see that the authors of this remake fully embraced that fact by putting a large Pac-Man character right on the head of the drill. :-)

Classic stuff... If you were a fan of the original game, do yourself a favor and try out this remake.. it's sure to bring out some fond (and a few frustrating) memories.



Bill Loguidice
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I always enjoyed Oil's Well,

I always enjoyed Oil's Well, though really it's just a take-off on the Aardvark arcade game. There were very few direct Aardvark home translations/clones, though, so Oil's Well remains more popular.


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