Interviewed on The Static Hour with Don Kurtz!

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I just finished my live appearance on Don Kurtz's The Static Hour. Give the replay a listen. On his show, we talk about all sorts of things, including the Jets (they won!), videogames, computers, fitness, and family. Don has previously interviewed all sorts of other people, including porn stars, musicians, and our very own, Matt Barton. It's an honor to be included in such a diverse interview pool...


Bill Loguidice
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OK, so which is it?
Soulgotha wrote:

Aside from me messing up some obvious things, I loved this interview. Atari 7200? Armchade Arcare? What the hell is Other than that I think Bill did a great interview and has me pumped for the documentary.

Yeah, I was going to say something about the Atari 7200 thing, but I wasn't sure if you meant Atari 5200 or 7800 and decided it wasn't that important anyway. My only regret (keeping in mind that I think regrets are for wusses) is that it wasn't a morning interview as I would have been able to speak a bit better (my stuttering/disfluency gets worse the more tired I get, hence all the "umm's" and "you know's"), but it was still a very fun experience for me. Thanks again.

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I can pre-record interviews,

I can pre-record interviews, so that would be no problem in the future.

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