Three for the Road: January 16th, 2011.

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Three for the Road[ JAN . 16 . 2011 ]
 01.16.2011Greetings folks! Welcome to the January 16th, 2011 edition of Three for the Road. As always, we have a nice collection of indie developed titles for you to check out.

First up, is a multiplatform (Win, Mac and Linux) implementation of the Tron light cycle concept. Second, a modern day remake of SkyRoads that, if anything, is even harder than the original. This game is also multiplatform (Win, Mac and Linux). And third, an action adventure game about a man who is suffering amnesia and finds himself stranded in the tundra.. Now he must piece together what happened and who he is. This game is Windows only, but is available in it's native French language or English.


GLtron is a great TRON light cycle implementation that has been around for quite a while now. With the release of the latest movie, coupled with this just being so well done- I thought I'd give it a mention for the sake of those 2-3 of you who haven't tried it yet. Linux is the main development version, with ports for both Windows and Mac OS/X.

The game features support for up to four players.. with any combination of those being human or computer controlled. As to the games objective: Don't crash.

From the Site: "Tasty Static is a videogame where you go really fast and jump a lot. You'll probably get really annoyed along the way too. It's a clone of an excellent PC oldie called Skyroads by BlueMoon Interactive, which is required playing if you like this kind of stuff. Tasty Static is currently available in three fantastic flavors. There is also a Windows-only level editor."

Seems to be a nice vector remake of Sky Roads. Which is a game I spent quite a lot of hours on without ever getting very good at. Still, worth a peak for fans of the original.

Darkfate is a very stylized and atmospheric action adventure game. You play the role of Chris Freeman, a man who is suffering from amnesia and finds himself lost in a wintry landscape. Chris must brave the elements and venture forth to discover who he is and the nature of his predicament.

BTW: The game automatically saves your progress at the checkpoint locations. You are able to replay chapters by selecting Load from the main menu.

Check back next week for three more great games.