2010 Sleeper games (best games you never played) by 1UP

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I love stuff like this and CHips "quick peak" as it shows stuff I may have never saw. This 1UP is only OK as pretty much all the PC related and PS3/360 games are not "unknown" to me.. maybe I play and read to much.

After Burner Complex- ok unknown to me
Alpha Protocol- Not as bad as reviews said, I liked it
Cave Story- Doenst everybody know about this one?
Darksiders-Pretty much GOW clone, but a good to great one
Deadly Premonition- $20 release price game, of course I bought it.. not a good game not sure why its here (price?)
Enslaved- was $20 like 3 weeks after release, good good game!
Hoard- with so few PS3 downloads that are good, this one is great
Monday Night Combat- anybody who plays "BALANCED" online should have played this
Pinball FX 2- ok known but no interst
Sam & Max season 3- Some of the best point and click going, must for anybody who likes this stuff
Shantea:Risky revenge- unknown
Toy Story 3- Ok did not know it was good, movie games are seldom
Valkyria Chronicles 2- one of the 5 MUST HAVE games for the PS3 was the first one
Warioware DIY- sorry no interest
Yakuza 3- EXCELLENT GTA sandbox clone...
ZHP- on another I dont know

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dont believe the hype (mine or theirs)
Carmine wrote:

I've been meaning to play Enslaved when I can afford it because I'm pretty interested in its cinematic quality. Deadly Premonition I've never even heard of but my goodness do they make it sound awesome. Last Express? Resident Evil 4? Character driven? Who cares about clunky controls!

My tastes seldom follow the path of least resistance like most people, but I must admit there are very few games I dont care for. Deadly Premonition, I'm not sure why its getting all the love. When it came out it was one of the first $20 360 games (on its release day). I read tons of reviews and I am pretty sure the best one said something like"its a bad game, but for $20 at least you are not out alot of money". There where no good reviews of the game when it came out. IGN release review: "Deadly Premonition is the definition of a system seller. Once you play it, you'll want to go sell your system. That may seem like a harsh statement, but it's been a long time since I've played any boxed retail game on any system that feels this amateurish."
I actually ordered it from Amazon as it was in no stores. A few weeks (months?) later the first Posative stuff was on DESTUCTOID . Heavy Rain came out and was generaly getting good reviews. A person on a BLOG (not a reviewer) on DESTRUCTOID (not saying name as I feel he is not worth reading) mentioned Heavy rain was so bad that Deadly Premontion was good compared to it and was money better spent. This got alot of attention and soon more sites where saying stuff like "so bad its good". its funny, most any review when it came out says "bad game" and a few months later that changed. Reviews like this started poping up.

Good is a geek 2 months after release:
"Love it or hate it. Divided opinion. Deadly Premonition has split both reviewers and gamers alike – some call it “perfection”, whilst others look at it as “awful in every way”. First announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2007, this game has gathered somewhat of a cult following over the internet. Since the time of release, its technical elements have been labelled atrocious, whereas it has received many plaudits for the freedom allowed and the universe it has created. So does this Open-World Survival-Horror title live up to its lofty reputation – good or bad?"

To be honest its not much different than the original Res evil/ silent hill mix on the PS2 (which came out many years ago!, its maybe as the game was originaly going to be released 3 years ago with a different title (rainy woods)).. the Graphics are a bit better, but the controls are worse you are stuck when loading and shooting, no momvment for you!) it uses sound (most scarry games do) but i there is a "bad thing" ahead, the sound will come from your right, or maybe your left, or behind.. and even sometimes from in front.. the direction the sound is comming from is almost random.. Maybe its to confuse you?

I seldom care for metat critic, but this game is all over the charts there. Reviews are guides to me, not decision makers. The game has some awsome LAUGH OUT LOUD (for those of you who use the net to much LOL!) moments. Pulling a large fish out of your player characters jacket. His insane talking. Flying down roads at 50MPH (no faster!) and hitting a car and it doesnt do anything, you stop, no damage to your car, the other car. and it wont move either. Walls and such are the same. Um and yesp, you need gas int eh game (kinda cool i thought) so you dont run out when your way out in the boonies.

I guess it does have alot of stuff to do. I played about 10 hours and haent hardly done any of the main stuff. I can see the attraction sorta.. but with so many GOOD games its hard to think to hard on a ok to bad game.. I keep thinking it would have been good if it controled better, looked better and sounded better.. and that when I understand.. its not good.

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I've been meaning to play

I've been meaning to play Enslaved when I can afford it because I'm pretty interested in its cinematic quality. Deadly Premonition I've never even heard of but my goodness do they make it sound awesome. Last Express? Resident Evil 4? Character driven? Who cares about clunky controls!

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Pinball FX2 is superb. I

Pinball FX2 is superb. I didn't really get anything out of After Burner Complex. Sam & Max Season 3 was pretty good but more of the same at this point. I don't recall playing anything else on that list...


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