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It would be too hard to think

It would be too hard to think of all the greats, but I can talk briefly about some of the films we saw recently...

Last night on Netflix we watched "The Secret of the Kells", which is a beautifully animated and scripted indie animated film that leverage Celtic legends (in fact, it was an Academy Award nominee from a few years back). Definitely highly recommended, though I thought the ending was a bit flat and they could have used maybe a tad more explanation of why exactly the book was significant. I greatly appreciate the consistent artistic vision of the film and the fact that it didn't give us either a Disney or anime look, both of which are quite tired in my opinion... Also, it wasn't CGI, which is another refreshing plus, and it was better for it (some films that try to do 2D only these days are worse off for it, because of how high the CGI standard has become).


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