Happy New Year from Armchair Arcade! Some thoughts and reflection...

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As we enter our ninth calendar year of operations here at Armchair Arcade, I just wanted to take a moment on behalf of the entire team to wish everyone out there a happy, healthy, and successful 2011, and reflect on what has come and what will come around here. A lot has happened since Armchair Arcade's founding in 2003, some bad of course, but most of it very, very good. We released a year and a half worth of original Webzines before moving exclusively to an available-content-right-after-it's-created blog format, which began in October 2004. We've produced four major books to date, with the promise of more on the way. We've been in production on a major feature film documentary since 2009, which we expect to finish and release this year. We've been producing popular Web videos since 2004. And of course we recently entered the podcasting arena with our eclectic Armchair Arcade Radio, which is already onto its sixth episode. Though that's just the tip of the ongoing saga that has been Armchair Arcade, it's something I'm quite proud of and quite thankful to have you along for the ride after so many others have come, gone and even come and gone again (and again).

Anything new you'd like to see us tackle in 2011? Have other ideas? Have some feedback? Let us know in the comments. We always love when you make some noise out there!


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I cannot believe it is the

I cannot believe it is the start of the 9th year. I have enjoy all the content you guys have provided over the years. It has been a great education for me to learn about some of the old systems and games I had no idea existed. I want to thank all of you who run this site and post articles and content. I hope you guys continue the website.

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That is something I never

That is something I never even thouhgt about till I read that post. There is a generation of people who ahve no idea about the 2600. Im sure most wont find it very amazing. it is hard to believe sombody will porbebly never hold a 2600 joystick, See the wierdness of the intellvision pad, the coleco vision cross between a joysick and pad and the ACTION controlers. Never get to play Yars Revenge, Tron Deadly Discs, Treasure of tarmin, Steller Trak, Night Stalker, etc... I must admit after games like Far Cry (visually) its pretty hard to come back to a game like ADVENTURE for the 2600 and see the wonder.

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