A thoughtful explanation of why JRPG heroes are all emo teenagers...

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Bill Loguidice
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"One of the writers with Kojima Productions has written a politely scathing piece in which he decries the JRPG’s single-minded obsession with having overwrought teenage boys as their protagonists, suggesting that is tied to a wider lack of heroic adult male archetypes in contemporary Japanese culture."

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I think its just old school

I think its just old school thinking. For a time video games where played by teens, hence they tried to relate that way. That old school thinking just never ended. Short and sweet. Now the scantily clad women, many who are teens.... Im suprised they get away with that still but then again some of the games over there are much much worse about that than RPG's.

Mark Vergeer
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"It is cool to have your black dyed hair completely covering your eyes so you don't see a thing, you don't care and almost knock over that elderly gentleman and proceed to literally stumble down the stairs of the train station listening to your headphones at such volumes that the people within three feet are able to 'enjoy' it with you.

You are in your own little place of sadness all by yourself and want to keep it that way.

But hey at least you look and sound the part when you are wheeled into the ambulance neck collar and everything to get treatment for that possible broken neck you managed to acquire as you in a cool manner refused to actually look where you were going..."

As was witnessed by yours truly past summer.... I don't get the complete obscuring of both eyes with a cool but totally unergonomical hairdo resulting in real bodily harm.


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