Amiga Workbench in DHTML with Chiptunes

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AmigaAmigaThe folks at have really gone all out with their Amiga-inspired web design. I really like the way they've managed to duplicate the look and feel of the classic Amiga Workbench (version 1.3). They've even got the Guru Meditation error and a working Juggler! The only thing that doesn't seem to work properly is the right mouse button. The site is dedicated to chip tunes, which are a type of computer music that doesn't use digitized sampling. The result is what I consider a more authentic type of music that uses the computer more like a musical instrument than a dubbing or playback device. Have fun!

While you're listening to some chiptunes, be sure to check out this list of great gaming moments, many of which are from the Amiga! I actually have a VHS tape I made when I was 12 or so which was full of my favorite "moments" from my Amiga games. The fabulous Blood Money intro went on first, followed by Lemmings and Sinbad: Throne of the Falcon.


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amazing retro feel

Wow, that truly is one amazing site. There are other sites that sort of 'emulate' the look and feel of the old operating systems they focus on, Little Green desktop is a fine example of an Atari ST theme.

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