Three for the Road: December 19th, 2010.

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Three for the Road[ DEC . 19 . 2010 ]
This week we have three more indie games for you to check out. An insane ball and paddle game, an on-rails shooter and a "Collect'em Up".

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TransVersion EX is a remake/reimagining of Chris Urquhart's Spectrum game Transversion which was published by Ocean Software back in 1984.

Taking control of the ship in the center of the screen, you must collect all of the items on the grid while avoiding the photon shots that streak towards you. The edge of the grid contains moving laser cannons which will shoot at you if they're aligned to your grid coordinates. Sounds more complicated than it is. Download the game and try it out.

3D Starstrike is a heavily updated remake of Realtime Games 1984 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k version. The Speccy release was, by all accounts, an attempt to knock-off the Star Wars arcade game. Not really sure how successful that goal actually was, as I've never played the 3D Starstrike original. However, if the old Spectrum title failed to live up to that goal, then this remake will surely make up for it. Just download this game and give it a play through.
I've been doing a lot of ball/paddle games recently and I came across Block. You are given ten balls to throw into play for each level by right clicking the mouse. The balls are subject to gravity, so expect some parabolic arcing to be taking place. :) There's a load of insane power-ups to collect: Wide paddle, small paddle, reverse gravity, unlimited balls.. etc. It's worth downloading just to experience the madness.
Hope you enjoyed this weeks selections... Check back next Sunday for three more!