16-bit Memories for Commodore Fans

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Bill Loguidice
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I love how he has some C-64

I love how he has some C-64 stuff in the dark background, I had all the joysticks in the pictures (there are a couple) The 3M floppy box (I still have one, its full of pennies) the Amiga Monitor (still have mine). And the Cannon Fodder guys breaking out of the Monitor and "escaping" is awsome. One crushed (or lifting?) the mouse, one rope jumping off desk. The game screen having a hole where they crawl into the monitor. Only thing I dont get.. the clock :23? This guy does some detailed work, wish I could see the stuff in the backgound/dark on the shelves better, but there is some easter egg stuff there too.

Ronnie Magnusson
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This is great, it somehow

This is great, it somehow manages to show how most boy's rooms looked like at the time. Just looking at it floods your minds with images of times gone by - though I would've liked the screen to depict a later mission than the very first one, not to mention theres far too many soldiers in the list, there should only be Jools and Jops at that point :)

Unfortunately my old Amiga 1200 is looking quite yellow today, not at all like in the picture, and is currently at the bottom of my closet :/

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