Quick Peeks: Robotz DX

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Quick Peeks[ DEC . 15 . 2010 ]
Robotz DXToday we are going to take a look at a remake of the Atari ST classic; Robotz. While not being a 1:1 port of the original game, it does a fine job of translating what made the original so much fun to play.

In fact, the game actually plays a bit faster and has more of a frantic pace than the original.. which is fine in my book.

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Robotz DX is a re-imagined version of Robotz (Atari ST), coded by James Monkman of RGCD.. and quite a fine job he made of it.

The game is a single-screen top down arcade shooter that requires a strategic approach in addition to fast reflexes. Your goal is to destroy all of the robots in each level within a sixty second time limit. Some levels contain shield emitters which must first be destroyed before you can shoot the robots. The game also features random levels, so there is near limitless replayability.

Check out the website for a nice graphical introduction to all of the games various components.

BTW: There is an .ini file included with the game.
- For fullscreen simply set "fullscreen=1"
- For Xbox360 controller set "(controller)=1"
- For Generic Gamepad set "(controller)=2"
- For Keyboard.. leave as is.