DC online- be a superhero

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I have been in the beta of DC Online and thouhgt i would post some impressions as the NDA has been lifted (I think?). The game was suposed to be released around now, but has been pushed back a few months (or more). First things first, yes this is another Champions Online, City Of hero's game.. No bones about it, same game, new look. not a bad thing at all. AGAIN this is BETA, not finished product!

the game looks awsome, its by far the best looking of the Hero games, it sitll has a slight comic book look, but is gritty and Gotham is very much the place right out of a Batman comic (if you read those). the opening cut scene is prety dang incredible and rivals some of the best. its a pretty good story for why there are so many new hero's and fun to watch.

Graphics- like I said, I like them alot, there is much like the other hero games a generic feel to the city, but its far more gritty and real looking to me thant its counterparts. Characters look great, and custom hero'sa rea here (like hte others) but not as indelth as the other hero games. So far I find it fine, and dont feel I'm lacking anything, but many have expressed unhappiness with it. Make no mistake, this is a great lookign game.

Gameplay- i cant say its much different then the other hero games, get a mission, go beat up baddies (or goodies, depending if you are hero or villan) and repeat. Loot is a bit different, as you beat um up, icons pop out, plain old cash (not very hero like to take cash from a beat up baddie!) and safe looking Icons, which are equipment. You "pick" these up buy moving close to um.

Powers- Again nothing really new here, a tier system like ST:Online.. you ahve a main power (mine was guns) and you can increase the DPS, or add gun butt (knock um down) etc.. your powers can be increased (say gun does 10 pints of dmg, add a skill point and you do 12 points now.. ).

Overall- I think its a good addition to the Super Hero MMORPG, its not new, but it looks pretty and plays alot like the otehrs, but has name brand Hero's (superman, batman, etc..) that mentor you.

The BAD- My character had range guns and up close beat um abilities. As a FPS player I do alot of straff shooting. My character seemd to like to ZOOM to the closest enemy randomly when I was shooting.. As if i had no control at all, This seems to happen alot when there are many enemies on the screen (not often). Fights are very fast, and I felt like i was just button smashing and watching my health bar so i could use a "heal" if i needed. I never felt like I knew what was going on in the big (many enemies) battles.. again, this isnt very often so its not something that happens alot in the early game. But its very annoying, you just dont feel in control as well as you do in other MMORPG's. This may be my singel biggest gripe and right now in all honesy means i wont be buying he game. But it is BETA and things may and probebly will change. As picking a Ranged character i felt somewaht disapointed that my up close "beat un" skills far surpased my ranged shots. Tis will most likley change with levels.. but (i ahve only tried to play one character as far as I could as fast as i could to get an idea). When i make another character I beleive i will go more up close and personal as the game play seems to favor this.

very short, very spotty.. if you can get into beta, I would give it a go (if you like superhero's and faster paced MMORPG's)..