Might and Magic I vs. Dragon Age

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Might & MagicMight & MagicRampant Coyote has a great blog post up that compares Dragon Age: Origins and Might & Magic Book One: Secret of the Inner Sanctum. Which is the more compelling? Well, it's no surprise to many of us that the Coyote prefers the latter game, but the interesting thing is why. Here's what he comes up with:

The only answer I have right now is that with the twenty-four year old Might & Magic, I’m playing a game. One I’m familiar with on some levels, but in a new (to me) and exciting world. In Dragon Age, I’m playing through somebody else’s script.
I don't know if I'd agree with him 100% on this, but looking back, it did seem like DA:O was relying much too heavily on cinema and less on great gameplay. I didn't really enjoy the battles very much, and found myself far more interested in seducing companions than combat or acquiring better gear. Maybe that's a good thing, but it did seem far removed from the usual satisfactions of a good CRPG like Baldur's Gate, which was much better able to combine the cinematic aspects with the gameplay.


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Sitting there Idly
Keith Burgun wrote:

Seriously I want to do a project where we actually sit there watching someone play DA:O or FF12 or any new game really, and time how much of the time they're *playing* and how much of the time they're sitting there, idly. What's worse is that even when you ARE playing in most games, you have no choices to make so it may as well be a movie. Bleh..

Lots of good points as always, Keith, but I, for one, definitely wasn't sitting there idly during DA:O's exposition. Holy #$#@$, I wish I could have sat their idly as Morrigan was, er, discoursing. I also found the expositions in Black Ops and Modern Warfare to be very engrossing. While I don't think any of us like boring cut scenes or expositions, if they're done well, they add quite a bit to my experience.

Then again, maybe I'm just getting old enough to be patient and appreciate these things more. :)

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My one gripe with the New FF

My one gripe with the New FF games.. holy heck.. more cutscene than game.. A good story is great and all and does flesh the game out, but to much of anything is to much. FF (new one) is a love hate game for me.. 20 hours of gametime before you even have been taught how to play and use all parts ot the interface...Now I am all for slow learning curve. but 20 hours was a bit long.

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