Tass Times in Tonetown with Burger Becky

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It's Tass Times in Tonetown this week as Becky joins me for a third installment of our interview. Prepare to be amused as Becky recounts the story of one of the wackiest games ever to grace an Apple IIGS. We also get to hear (finally) how she came by her nickname --prepare to be grossed out! Download the audio here (also available on iTunes).

My thoughts...

Lots of good historical tech stuff here--loved the part about maxing out the voices on the IIGS. It's funny to think she wrote drivers for that graphics tablet, too--I guess neither she nor anyone else could tell whether such devices would catch on. It's really a shame I don't have the programming knowledge to really delve deeply into that stuff, since it's clear she's on the shortlist of code wizards.

I've never heard of Burger Stand before, though we seem to have dozens of unusual burger places here in St. Cloud. We have Five Guys, Best Burger in the World, Maid Rite, Burgertime, Val's, and all the usual chains (including a new White Castle). I guess St. Cloudians really love their burgers.