What Technology Gift do you Want for the Holiday?

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Not Gaming Related, but...

for Christmas I was hoping to receive a wireless cellular network extender (Femtocell) from Verizon. I've been hinting like crazy to the wife that I want one as we only have two places within the house to use the cellphone, and then you have to hold the phone in the right way to get a signal, hahaha.

I've got the latest wheel from Xbox/Microsoft and used it for less than an hour.  I just couldn't get the response from it that I could with the controller.  It could have been that I didn't set it up right, but I did follow the instructions included with it.  I specifically bought it for use with Forza Motorsport (latest version).  The wheel, pedal and brake all just seemed to lag behind what I was inputting to do.  I might try it again over the holidays as I'd like to get further ahead in Forza than I am now.

Christina, if you see this, don't let Bill open it early, make him wait, hahahahahahahahaha.

Good grief, I made some hot chocolate in the wife's machine that takes the packets.  I added about 6 marshmallows.  I got half way through and discovered something in my mouth that was not hot chocolate or marshmallows.  It was a damn stink bug!  Good grief, imagine the taste in your mouth after that.  I think I'm going to be sick!



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