Thanksgiving- Marathon gameing session need help

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Nathaniel Tolbert
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KOTOR isn't just a slow

KOTOR isn't just a slow starter, it's a marathon runner. It takes nearly 2/3 of the game before it really picks up speed, and then that last 1/3 is just absolute thrill. I haven't played most of the other games on the list except for Jade Empire. Which if you have the time to play, and can fight your way past the bugs, the game is a great great game.

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Ya know I actually never

Ya know I actually never finished KOTR either. Something about it... It's a solid game though, if you like RPGs you should give yet another try. Oh and quit playing WoW :) It's evil.

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Unfortnatly (or fortantly,

Unfortnatly (or fortantly, however you look at it) after not playing WoW for about6-9 months I poped in. All the changes with the world being tore up and changed I sorta got sucked in again. So no new games (err grabed Kane and Lynch2 for the PC on the steam sale) just lots of WoW.. leveling has gotten so fast. I leveled my Undead hunter to 58 and my Gnome priest to 38 this weekend...yes I played alot.

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Jade Empire

I played this on Xbox and it was really good. I'd imagine it'd be the same on the PC, maybe even better. It has a good story, good combat, magic, and is about 25-40 hours of gametime.

SWKNTR is another one I played on the Xbox and you're right, it does start out very slow, but gets better as you play it. I'd recommend Jade Empire is you're only playing one over the holidays.

Haven't played Risen or Magna Carta 2.



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