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I just looked down and thought about my mousepad for a moment. It's got a cow-print design and it says "GATEWAY 2000". I realized, wow, this must be from before the year 2000, then, and looked it up. Sure enough, Gateway Computers dropped the 2000 in 1998, which means that I bought this, my most recent mouse pad, in or before 1998. I probably bought it at Babbage's with StarCraft (ah, remember when there was more than one video game store?). Anyway, looks like it's about time to buy a new mousepad, this thing is seriously DISGUSTING, it's covered in years and years of Mt. Dew spills, the edges are all frayed and I'm sure it's just covered in germs and who knows what. Probably a civilization of some sort lives there.

I just went on Amazon and bought a cheap "optical mousepad" for like 7 bucks (total, with shipping). Do you guys have any good mousepad stories or recommendations? What do you use? Is this THE most boring topic for discussion or could I have done worse somehow?


Bill Loguidice
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Having used trackballs for

Having used trackballs for years, I didn't need a mousepad for the longest time. After I got my HP Touchsmart, I purchased a Razer Destructor Gaming Mat (I needed it to make up enough money to get the financing I wanted), which I was very pleased with. It came with a case and everything. I now use it as my gaming laptop's mousepad, since I have a gaming mouse (Cyborg R.A.T. 5) and well, game on the thing. For my HP Touchsmart, I now use a Razer Sphex Gaming Grade Desktop Skin, which I highly recommend if you're stationary. It's paper thin and has a slightly tacky back to stay put. This allows me to put my keyboard in an idea position on top of the mouse pad (since the main typing area should be centered with the screen) while still providing a quality surface for my mouse (it's interesting how they said that optical mice would work on ANY surface, but that's clearly not the case with many surfaces).

By the way, Keith... Gross! ;-)

Matt Barton
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If you're going to bother,

If you're going to bother, might as well get one with a USB hub built into it. I use this at work: Illuminated Mouse Pad with USB 2.0 High Speed 4-Port Hub. It's a good place to have a hub.

Mark Vergeer
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I use a generic one

I have optical mice and just use a generic one with shiny plastic top I got when I graduated University/Medschool it still works. Mouse ball mouse pads often had this fabric like the gate way pad Keith showed us. Often I just use the desk's surface.
- Mark


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