Happy 25th Birthday, Windows. Who wants to spank them?

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There's a nice story up at Gizmodo today about the birthday of Windows 1.0, the crummy Mac OS knock-off that eventually became the Windows that we all know and loathe today. There's some fun factoids in the article, such as Microsoft originally wanted to call it "Interface Manager" instead of Windows. Bet that would have gone over well. Naturally, the article doesn't bother to mention the Amiga or Atari ST GUIs, which were far better than Windows 1.0. Nevertheless, while Apple, Commodore, and Atari were rolling on the floor laughing their fuzzy little tails off, the Microsoft tortoise was slowly but steadily waddling past them towards the finish line. Doesn't that make you hurt inside?


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I agee.

I am a fan of Windows7 for sure having suffered through just about every version with obvious highlights being Win98 SE / Winn XP Sp 2 / Win 7 and lows being Win Millennium and VISTA. It pretty much has become expected when reading any article regarding Operating systems to have the usual limited scope betweem Windows, MAC and some flavor of Linux. I was pleased with a recent MaximumPC article though called "11 OSes that Tried (and failed) to Take Down Windows" and was pleased to see the inclusion of the AMIGA OS including a short yet reasonable summary of it.


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Funny stuff lately, Matt!

Funny stuff lately, Matt! Anyway, it's interesting, but I've always liked the Windows OS, even over most other operating systems. The only time it's really disappointed me was when it was unstable, like with Windows ME or to a lesser degree Vista. Otherwise, I consider Microsoft masterful with the interfaces for the most part (I realize that's not popular opinion), at least for my preferences.

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Yep, not very nice not to

Yep, not very nice not to mention the Amiga and Atari ST when talking about GUIs. However with Windows 7 I think Microsoft did a good job. There are still things that are messed up (Games Explorer anyone?) but overall it's a pretty decent OS. And compared to Apple's control freak madness Microsoft are the benefactors today.

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Didnt Bill steal the WINDOWS

Didnt Bill steal the WINDOWS idea from XEROX (like Jobs did?) I thought they where both on the same tour? maybe just Jobs (been ages since I read that).

Amiga- man, its so sad to have been a heavy PC geek in those early years and have played with such cutting edge stuff that nver got its due. The Amiga OS (Desktop) was just a wet dream to any power user. Easy graphical file swapping/copy/move CLI (cmd promt) window, they even let you use multi desktops (that the Linux boys love so well). Multitasking years before the others. Those old amigas really made the rest of the pack seem like it was 10 years behind. To bad it got to be known as a GAME machine (well, maybe not to bad, as I loved those games). it was limited in some reguards, no doubt (graphics actaully being the most happered apart actually (maybe not for the day, but still it was). And the early 500's did leave some expansion room to be wished for. But aftermarket guys made up for that.

I have a copy of Windows 1.0, brown.... and ugly... How far they have come. I think my win7 machine is pretty good and will admit Im happy with it.

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