The $99 gaming PC: the OnLive microconsole in pictures

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Nathaniel Tolbert
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This service would be

This service would be interesting if there were no bandwidth caps on 80% (figurative number, I don't truly know the exact percentage) the service provided for high speed internet. Also, if speeds were double where they are now, that would help too. Until those two things occur, or the planets align and the world is reborn as a Utopia, I don't see this service gaining the momentum it needs to survive.

Chip Hageman
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I remember in the early demos

I remember in the early demos (before real hardware was created) they said they could cost effectively build these "consoles" for about $10. haha.. guess reality set in. Originally they were going to charge a subscription for "all you can eat" as far as games go.. then all of a sudden it became a subscription service where you still need to buy the games... Then with all of the streaming and bandwidth usage, this would just give Comcast's "Policy and Procedures" division one more thing to yell at me about.

A great idea.. but I think reality kind of derailed this project along the way.


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