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The HordesI've been on a shooter kick recently so today we will be checking out a fun freeware shoot'em up called The Hordes. This particular game was created in the classic shoot'em up style and has a fairly linear stage progression with deceptively difficult game play.

The Hordes is a shoot'em up or "Shmup" style game created by the ever humorously titled Pug Fugly Games. The first thing you notice when you fire this game up is the old-school pixelated graphics... they just add that certain Je ne sais quoi. They aren't bad at all, quite the contrary.. I think they add a lot to the overall experience of the game. That said, I believe this game was made with Game Maker which is notoriously known for graphics tearing.. in other words, the screen updates are not synced to the monitor refresh rate (sometimes called vsync), and this can lead to some sprites appearing to be drawn slightly shifted. It doesn't affect the gameplay but it is annoying on the eyes. Music is adequate to the style- i.e. it's high energy and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolence.

The game itself is basically a fixed shooter with simple linear stage progression. You have to contend with waves (Hordes?) of small enemies which sail around and pretty much attack and fire only on diagonals. That makes dodging a damn sight more difficult than you might think. Also, each stage has one over sized enemy which you must shoot and kill for it to release a power up. Once you get the power up, you advance to the next stage.. different enemies, same concept. Loose one life and it throws you back to the beginning stage- It makes this game infuriating and difficult.. but a hell of a lot of fun to play.

If you like old school fixed stage shooters then give this one a try... the price is right. :-)

Download your copy here.