Quick Peeks: Ten Ten [Vic-20]

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Ten Ten DualityIn keeping with yesterday's theme of covering indie titles for retro systems, I present to you: Ten Ten Duality. This game also has a few things in common with one of my previously featured Three for the Road titles.

Let's take a closer look at this great little game that almost slipped the radar.

Ten Ten Duality is a homebrew title for the unexpanded Vic-20 by Jeffrey Daniels. The game is very similar to Binary Land which was featured in the November 1st, 2010 edition of Three for the Road.

The Story: In a world of bi-location, you must achieve synchronization. "Ten-ten" comes from the Japanese "dot dot" or Dakuten. Your objective to align a universe of dots.

Game Play: Use the joystick to control both "Tens" on separate playfields. Take advantage of asymmetry to bring each simultaneously to its respective goal. Fail, and your doppelganger will escape to autonomy.

You will need to use a Vic-20 emulator that handles .PRG files. VICE's Vic-20 emulation works quite well. If this sounds like a game you'd like to try, then head over here and download yourself a copy.