What would you put in YOUR Arcade?

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Neave Pacman buttonNeave Pacman button For the next episode of the podcast, I would like to get some feedback from our members. My question is - Which three arcade games would you put in your own arcade? Let's stick to just video-based games for this one. Pick three. If you have to go higher, limit it to five. Send me an e-mail with your picks. Don't post them here! I'll compile a list of them and try to talk briefly about each one in the next episode.

Try to have your submissions in by Wednesday, November 17th. That said, it would be a lot better if you sent me an e-mail right NOW as you read this! Send your submissions to: chrisNOSPAMPLEASE@armchairarcade.com. You'll have the remove those capital letters in order to send it to the proper address. You can also access my e-mail from the About Us page.

I know it is hard to pick three! Don't hesitate to name a very common game and don't worry about naming an obscure game. Hurry! Submit your picks now!


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I would want Neo-Geo, Taito F3, and Sega Naomi arcade cabinets. All three can play multiple games and have a pretty decent library of games to select from.

If it wasn't video only, I would swap the F3 for an Attack from Mars pinball machine.

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