Three for the Road: Space Clusters, Star Guard, BrainSplode!

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Three for the Road
·  · ·· November 7th, 2010: Three Great Freeware Games for the PC ·· ·  ·

This week I've got three great indie gems lined up for you to take a look at. Among their ranks are: Space Clusters (a shoot'em up), Star Guard (a platformer) and BrainSplode! (an artillery game).

A little something for (almost) every taste.

Space ClustersSpace Clusters is a simplified remake of the Amstrad CPC game Space Hawks. The game is a single screen shoot'em up in the spirit of such classics as Space Invaders and Galaxian. The object is to clear each level of aliens while avoiding falling debris and their attempts to dive bomb you. Each time you shoot an alien, it turns into a piece of space debris which falls towards you. The more aliens you shoot, the more debris you need to dodge.. It's a lot more difficult that it sounds. The game defaults to windowed mode with keyboard controls. To change these defaults just hit [TAB] and you can flip it into fullscreen mode and set up the gamepad.
Star GuardStar Guard is a fun retro style platform game. The game is available in both PC and Mac flavors as downloadable executable (compiled) flash files. It's much like you would expect: Run, Dodge, Jump and Shoot.. but the overall execution and retro style presentation of the whole package just makes it a treat to play. Add to that, you really need to think about your approach to each level. Things can go south real fast if you just try and run'n'gun the levels.
BrainSplodeBrainSplode!... Wow! this game is just fantastic. And yes, it borrows liberally from the Worms franchise.. but let's ignore that for now. The object of the game is to destroy all of the aliens infesting each of the seven levels included in this "final prototype" release.

You can set angle and power like you would for most artillery style games but, for those hard to reach areas, you will also need to bounce your missiles off of objects in the environment. Don't miss this one.. you'll have a blast with it. (pun intended)


Side Note: I've received a few emails so far from people suggesting games they have either written or that they would like included into one of my segments. I'm looking into these games as time permits but I just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback.

Also, if you would like to send a suggestion for a game.. or just contact me in general, you can do so from my web form here. This link is also available on my profile page here.