Lord of the Rings Online

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Rowdy Rob
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DDO & LotR comparisons?

Matt, I'm curious how the two games, "Dungeons & Dragons Online" and "Lord of the Rings Online," compare in your experienced opinion. Did you give up on DDO?

I have only played two MMO's, "Perfect World" and "DDO," and I find that DDO is far and away a superior solo experience. In fact, it is more fun than many solo-only CRPG's I've played strictly on its solo experience! I find the action-oriented fighting system a bit clunky, interface-wise, since I'm frequently opening stat windows accidentally while combating baddies, and I have no idea how to initiate a conversation with someone (or flag someone down, or whatever).

Still, I am enjoying the game (although I only seem to play it on weekends), but I still haven't achieved the 3rd level for my character. Am I playing the inferior free MMO? Just curious about your thoughts.

Nathaniel Tolbert
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Lord of the Rings Online

My wife and friends and I play on the Meneldor Server. If you make a character there, we would be more than willing to adventure with you. Just look befriend a young lady named Nimain (My wife) or Eareilir (Me) and we will travel around and help you earn deeds, new gear and explore the story arc, which seems fairly interesting to me.


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