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Cardinal QuestHave you ever been stuck at work with an active internet connection, the boss is out running an errand and the person in the cubical behind you has called in sick? Well then, have I got the game for you!

Today we'll take a look at a web based game by the name of Cardinal Quest.

Cardinal Quest is an arcade-style roguelike created by Ido Yehieli and Corey Martin. It's written entirely in javascript and runs right in your browser window. Ido claims his inspirations for Cardinal Quest are the D&D Red Box (Basic edition) RPG and the action game Golden Axe.

The first thing you do when you get to the site is choose a name for your character. You can then choose from one of three classes, each of which has a special ability. Fighters can Berserk, Thieves can Shadow Walk, Wizards can Fire Nova. After you choose your class you pick your favorite color then the game starts.

Like most roguelikes, you wander around dungeons looking for monsters to dispatch and loot to collect. The graphics are very nice for a game of this type and there's even music which is of the ye olde cracktro variety.. but it repeats quickly and gets monotonous fast. The dungeons are randomly generated so there is good replayability if you are a fan of dungeon grinds.. which, at least, I am. Very Telengard, al beit much simpler.

Controls are as follows:
·· Normal mode
E : Execute special.

·· Inventory mode
D / LEFT ARROW        : Drop item: d or left arrow.
[ENTER] / RIGHT ARROW : Use item: enter or right arrow.

·· Switch modes
I     : Inventory.
X     : Examine.
[ESC] : Normal.

The game is still being tweaked for compatibility. There were reports of Chrome not liking some of the special effects in the game. There are also reports of Firefox 64bit crashing.. but that's nothing new.

Anyway, It's just nice to see a use for javascript other than pop-ups. :-)

{} {} Play the Game {} {}



Ido (not verified)
I am glad you enjoyed out

I am glad you enjoyed out little game!

We still have a list of changes, bugs and new features we want to add, but the basic concept is not meant to change much (it mostly comprises of interface improvements, bugs/tweaks and adding some more content).

Chip Hageman
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Having a blast with it,

Having a blast with it, actually. Looking forward to seeing future improvements.


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