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FooBillardI don't know about you guys, but it just seems that billiards/pool is a game that's supposed to be played face to face... normally while imbibing sufficient quantities of alcohol so as to help "randomize" your spatial acuity. That being said, I'm still a sucker for a good computer simulation of the sport.

Enter FooBillard. This game is a free (read: libre, open source) OpenGL billiard game for Linux by Florian Berger. Note: There are also ports for MacOS (which seems MIA at the moment) and Win32. I've tested this game (Win32 version) and it plays fine on my Windows XP SP3 rig with an nVidia 6800GS (Athlon XP 2800). I've not yet tested the linux port on my Ubuntu 10.10 boxen (Athlon 64 3500) with some variation of 2005ish ATI card.. I'll post my results later.

As for the game, it plays a very good round of billiards.. perhaps, too good. Luckily, you can dumb down the AI from the menu.. lest you start to feel like you're being hustled. You can also play a few different variations of billiards such as 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Carambole, and Snooker. Game modes are as follows: Single Match, Tournament, Training Game or Network Game.. I'm interested in the Network Game mode but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.. still, it's nice to know you have it.

The game is largely mouse controlled but it does make use of the keyboard for certain functions. Here is a list of the keyboard/mouse controls (Also included in the docs).

· mouse moving and button1 -> rotate
· mouse moving and button2 -> zoom
· mouse moving and button1 after button2 -> place cue ball
· mouse moving and button2 after button1 -> adjust effet
· mouse moving and button2 and Ctrl -> FOV - adjust
· mouse moving and button2 and Shift -> cue offset adjust
· mouse moving and button1 and Shift -> place cue ball (when active)
· mouse button3 -> shoot
· keyboard [space] or [enter] -> shoot
· keyboard [up], [down] or [page up], [page down] strength
· keyboard [left], [right] rotate
· keyboard [ESC] end game
· keyboard [0] suggest AI-shot
· keyboard [a] toggle actual player AI/Human
· keyboard [n] restart game
· keyboard [b] little benchmark (show fps)
· keyboard [v] turn vertical help-line on/off
· keyboard [c], [F3] toggle cue-view on/off
· keyboard [f], [F4] toggle free move mode
· keyboard [r] toggle simpler reflections (faster - using multitexture)
· keyboard [s] toggle red/green stereo
· keyboard [F1] toggle help screen
· keyboard [F2] birdview (same as [F3]+[F4]+centered pos)

- Win32 Port -



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King of pool/snooker sims is

King of pool/snooker sims is Brit coder Archer Maclean who also coded the great old Defender-a-like Dropzone for the Atari 800 and International Karate for the C64. He also did Mercury for the PSP. He restores game cabinets in his "spare time" which he no doubt has plenty of. An article in Edge magazine a while back featured a walk around his cellar which contains his mesmerising collection of cabinets and pinballs.

Chip Hageman
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I've heard good things about

I've heard good things about his pool game but I've never played it. I do like Dropzone and Mercury though.


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